Growing up, I always had the sense that the best days of my life were ahead of me.  I think many of us have this tendency, to believe that our lives will only really begin once we’ve finished school, gotten that job, married that person, found that tribe, etc, etc, etc.

Now I know in theory the importance of living in the moment.  The problem comes in attempting to put that theory into practice.

There are just too many distractions.

Instead of really immersing myself in life, I can always find another TV show to watch, online shopping site to peruse, podcast to listen to, or (let’s be honest) Candy Crush episode to play.  Before I know it, I find myself wondering where my week has gone and why it feels nothing substantial has been experienced.  As a result, I have often found myself suffering from feelings of disconnectedness, anxiety, and unease.  I wish for a sense of completeness and contentment but am not quite sure how to get there.

Does any of this resonate with you?

If so, I hope you find my explorations of soulful living to be helpful.  I plan to explore ways that we can connect to ourselves, each other, nature, and the divine.

P.S.  I am an amateur, a dabbler, a lapsed Christian, and half-hearted yoga practitioner.  I am terrible at meditating.